Create a Banner

It's all about visibility and convincing a user to click within seconds. That's the topic of our Create Banner page. First of all keep in mind to almost never be satisfied with your advertising material. One can only make good guesses what a target audience really is interested in and to what it reacts to. Create a banner you feel is attractive and then start all over again, and again.

The views of a banner are counted in "impressions". When a user clicks the banner it's called a "click-through". If you divide the number of click-throughs by the number of impressions and multiply this by 100 you get the so called "click-through-rate". This percentage is taken to test the effectiveness of a banner. Examine this data and try to improve it by creating different banners. Don't expect too much at the beginning. A click-through-rate of 1% is average!

We mostly see banners at the top right corner of a website. Because almost everyone is more or less used to this, it's definitely not the best place to put a banner. As a user we unconsciously blur the parts of a website where we expect advertisement. Your banner will get a lot more attention, if you put it at different places and vary throughout the website.

Users scan websites, they don't take the time to analyze every detail of a page. For this important reason our banner maker uses only a few elements. When graphics are too "noisy", i.e. use too many colors and are stuffed with text, they get less noticeable because they fade into the other elements of a website more easily. So remember that "simple" is a good attribute when creating a banner.

Moreover keep in mind that there are only one or two seconds to convince a user to click. Make sure the user understands at first glance, what makes your website useful and unique. Take the time to write down one sentence that describes your service. When you are successful, try using fewer words in this sentence. And even fewer..

When you think about the text for your banner, try talking to your target audience about solutions. There are so many websites out there a user can choose from. Offer a solution and emphasize the uniqueness of your page when you create a banner.