Search Engine Optimization Opportunities

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of two types of search engine marketing (SEM) and plays an important role in every internet marketing mix. With search engine optimization one tries to establish or improve rankings of web pages within organic (non-paid) search results for relevant keywords and phrases. Search engine optimization has great opportunities plus advantages over pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Being found through search engines is your first opportunity to make potential visitors happy. Visibility in search engines is a service. A service making it easy for people finding you. It has become a standard to the extent that people expect finding you through search engines.

People using search engines are activly trying to satisfy a demand. That means, any marketing activity in this direction is very targeted and is, compared to other types, a very welcome type of marketing. Communicating to people who signal interest in your proposition in advance is a great opportunity.

Traffic from search engines carries customization opportunities. When people visit your website through search engines the search query is stored in your log files. This data gives you hints whether it's advisable to customize your website for certain groups. Independently from what you're offering, you can further tailor your proposition to the demand of your visitors.

If you would limit your search engine marketing activities to paid search advertising, you'd miss many potential visitors. Only a small percentage of search engine users click on paid advertising. A good guess might be 1% to 4% dependent on the query. Even fewer exclusivly click on ads and don't look at organic results. Through SEO you untap the far bigger potential of search engine marketing. A user group more than twenty times larger.

SEO has positive effects on your brand. First, visibility in organic results usually means that you offer more than a business proposition. That you make an extra effort because it's important to you to create value. Second, people unconciously use rankings to rate the quality of your website, yourself or your organization. That is because people are used to compare by rankings.

Finally, SEO is great because it gives you options on how to allocate your resources. If there's more working time available than cash and you'd like to invest it in marketing it's a good opportunity to invest it in SEO. It's also an important option in a planning phase. If you can afford to invest in the future you can decide to go for upfront effort which then doesn't need permanent financial input.