Analyzing SEO potential of a website

Website teams often have the problem to not know about further SEO potential of their website. An expert SEO has to deliver this information, supported by his/her level of skill and experience. That means a SEO provides value through the knowledge of different strategies and tactics for better rankings and more targeted traffic. The Analysis of SEO potential is one task filling the gap between the current state and a future state described earlier.

The analysis of SEO potential can be performed from two perspectives. The first is to find SEO potential to achieve certain goals that have been set in advance. The second is to find SEO potential to create a basis enabling people to set reasonable goals. The perspectives differ in the desired outcome. Both approaches can provide good results but it's a good idea to keep in mind the small difference. A mix of both is possible.

The SEO distinguishes between potential of the existing asset and potential through expansion. The potential of the existing asset lies in advanced and up to date SEO strategies and tactics that haven't yet been applied to the website (that's the reason why a SEO has to spend so much time experimenting and keeping up to date). Search engines consider many different factors that can be addressed. It's useful to group findings and to sort them later by prospected impact.

Expansion is the second source of SEO potential which implies expanding a website for a set target group or to expand the target group of a website. Hence, the SEO must have the ability to look at variables beyond optimization. These include, but are not limited to, the focus and purpose of a website with the resulting target group, the amount of available resources and which of the possible actions will provide a positive return.

Writing a report on SEO potential is the last step the SEO has to accomplish to finalize the analysis. A good report must have appropriate style and structure.