Analyzing the SEO status of a website

Website managers many times don't have a SEO status overview of a website. This is a common problem for teams that haven't fully integrated SEO into the website management process. It's not sufficient to bear in mind "there's more that can be done" because this kind of thinking excludes SEO from the overall planning process. Creating a status report is the first step to an active planning process because you first need to know where you are to get an idea about where you want to go. These are the two most important questions that have to be answered and from there serveral other important questions can be answered, too.

The next question a SEO has to find answers for is what could be done to get from point A to point B. That means the SEO works out options that would help achieve certain goals. These options are the basis for strategic decisions about what the next milestones are and for tactical decisions about what to do next. At this point decisions makers can not only consider SEO variables but also variables of the overall website planning process.

The SEO status report covers several aspects:

- Completed SEO Work
- SEO Achievments
- Planned SEO Activity
- Progress of Initiated SEO Work

Depending on how much work has been done so far the contents of the report summarizes each aspect, or contains statements expressing deficiencies. For example, regarding the "Completed SEO Work" aspect, it could be stated that no SEO work has been completed so far. Of course, the SEO has to decide what level of detail makes sense for the report. One thing to remember is to strictly outline the current status of SEO and not to include new plans or ideas in the report. Especially in the "Planned SEO Activity" section.

The SEO status report covers information that is also part of the broader field called SEO Analytics. Analytics reports differ from status reports by containing more information, more detail and by the readers adressed. Analytics information is mainly for SEOs to get feedback on their efforts. SEO status reports are more geared toward the needs of decision makers.