Banner Ad Design Prices

Consulting (price: $44 each 15 minutes)

In consulting we will assess Your needs. Consulting has the purpose:

- to understand Your website concept and/or business.
- to understand Your overall marketing strategy
- to assess Your campaign purpose.
- to outline Your target group.

All these factors must be considered to offer You the best banner ad design possible. A contract has one compulsory consulting unit. On avarage our customers book three consulting units.

Creative sketch (price: $39 each 15 minutes)

The creative sketch outlines the theme of Your advertising material. It is the basis from which the final material is created in different formats and possibly variations.

The creative sketch requires between two and six time units. You only have to pay for one time unit if you don't like the sketch and we need to make another one.

Production (price: $23 each 15 minutes)

In production the final material is created. We produce static banners in gif or jpg format which we will send to You by email.

The first banner takes about three time units. The following banners usually require only two time units. A revision usullay requires one time unit. You only have to pay for one time unit if you don't like the banner and we need to make another one.

Imagary (price: supplier fees + $45 processing fee)

If You'd like us to integrate fotos into Your advertising material but You don't have any at hand, we can instruct a photographer or buy stock photography. Fotos are useful to show how Your customers will react to Your products and services.

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