Custom Banner

If you are more serious about your website you should think about getting a custom banner which is designed according to your individual needs. The design of a custom banner is much more sophisticated and takes several details into account.

Needless to say, a custom banner will perform much better than any free ones and is more effective. A high click-through rate is not its only focus. Branding of your product or service is equally important, if you want to reach as many prospective customers as possible. You can expect a design nobody else uses.

There are quite a few specialized design companies with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are not expensive but of course you shouldn't fall for the cheap ones. Let them show you several references and ask how many drafts are included in their service. Make sure to negotiate a good price after all.

A good company will try to adapt your custom banner to your corporate identity. This may include your logo and the colors you are using, a certain font and your advertising slogan, if space is available. The more information a service provider gets from you the better the results. Designers shouldn't have to guess about anything.

If you can afford to spend a little bit more a design company can offer you a custom banner with special effects. A banner with smooth animation and/or sound will make a much better impression and will get a better click-through-rate.

Last but not least, why not design a banner on your own. If your PC came with a sufficient software package you could give it a try. It's not only fun but you can also learn a lot every minute you spend. Of course, it takes a lot of time and the results might not be as good but maybe it's worth.