Banner Exchange

Get more visitors as a member of a banner exchange network - free and easy. Use your ad space to serve banners from other members and in return your banner shows up on hundreds of websites. Promoting your website is often more valuable than generating a few cents with third party ads. Banner exchange services let you reach a huge audience.

Being part of a banner exchange is also the perfect chance for making first experiences in online-marketing. What works in your advertising material? What's the effect on different audiences? What effects result in promoting your site? Moreover, you get a better idea which improvements actually have a positive impact and make your visitors coming back.

How does it work? There are several good services where you can sign up as a new member. Some let you choose a category according to the topic of your website to enhance banner serving. Some more data about you and your website helps identifying you as a qualified member. Right after the activation of your account you'll receive a small piece of code to instantly start serving banners.

Each banner impression is credited to your account. The reason why banner exchange services are free is because your banner is not served for every credit you earned. Operators define a certain ratio like 10:7, for example. This means that for every 10 banner impressions your website generates, your banner will be served 7 times on other websites. The three remaining impressions are used to promote the network and for serving third party advertisement. Every member benefits from both!

Don't limit yourself to one banner exchange. Try different ones just like testing different advertising material. Your performance might differ with changing audiences. Some banner exchanges built up a network of websites within a certain topic. This makes advertising more effective because it's more likely their audience is interested in what you have to offer.

Finally, always carefully read through terms and conditions. Some banner exchange services ask to place the banner in a certain position. Others do not allow serving banners of multiple operators. Others again serve banners of websites with adult related content. You might not like being a member of this kind of network, if there's no opt out option.